Music at AVC

Musica Est Dei Donum Optima

(Music is the best gift of God)


  • The AVC has a strong music program with special concerts presented for the Cape Ann Community throughout the year.
  • The director of music, Kathleen Adams, a gifted organist with deep concert experience, plays our custom-made organ.
  • Piano, harpsichord, flute, clarinet, and chimes are also part of the church’s music making.
  • The choirs sing sacred music and hymns from many religious origins and cultures.


Adult Choir
  • The Village Church Gallery Choir leads the congregation in hymns and liturgy from the gallery at Sunday services throughout the year.
  • The wide range of repertoire connects our worship with many sacred traditions and periods, reflecting the content of the readings and prayers of the day.
  • Wednesday rehearsals from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. take place from September to June.
  • Sunday rehearsals at 9:00 a.m. (prior to the 10:00 a.m. service) take place all year long.
  • Experienced singers and others eager to learn and improve their musical skills are all welcome to join this devoted and enthusiastic group.
  • Audition is not necessary, but may be helpful in determining one’s voice part or best placement in the choir.
  • Several seasoned, excellent readers encourage and mentor newer singers.
  • The choir has openings for all parts: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass (baritone).
Schola Cantorum – Children's Choir
  • The church’s choir for children, Schola Cantorum, takes an active part in the liturgy while learning a wide variety of music sourced from chant, folk music, and formal compositions both historic and contemporary.
  • A gift of chimes has expanded the musical experiences of our children and offers more opportunity for education and participation.
  • The Schola performs in the yearly Lessons & Carols service and Pageant.
  • Our Easter tableau vivant at Squam Rock creates a very special context for youthful imaginations and talents.
  • Choristers enjoy the fellowship of three other Cape Ann youth choirs, performing together during the Advent season and at an annual spring concert.
  • Children aged 6 and up can become part of this choir, learning and sharing in the life of the church while broadening their musical knowledge and enjoyment.

Join a choir! Make a joyful noise! Learn to sing!

For more information see Music Director Kathleen Adams after church, or contact her at 978‑283‑6416 or