Welcome to the Annisquam Village Church.
Our church is a community where you are welcome, no matter where you are
on your spiritual journey.

Come and join us this
Third Sunday of Advent
as our
newest members of The
Annisquam Church Community

Light the Candle of Joy
  December 11, Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

"Dreams and Visions: Joy in the Wilderness"

  Isaiah 35:1-10

We will be welcoming into the membership of the church the following; Laura Alavosus, ElizaBeth Emery, Deborah Russ Fabi, Richard Luecke, Perry McIntosh and Eliza Rathbone.

All are welcome following the service downstairs for a Potluck Luncheon to welcome the newest members!


They shall beat their swords into plowshares,
and their spears into pruning hooks.
-Isaiah 5.4

I bear them into conversations, my swords.
I hide them in my dark.
I launch them at the news, these spears.

Find them among me, God of Peace. Take
my bitterness, my defensiveness, my need to
Find the hidden swords, the secret spears I
cling to.

Make them red hot in the furnace of your
Hold them in the tongs of your truth.
Beat them with the hammer of your love.

Take the hurt I mean to project, the defeat I
wish others.
Free me of the swagger of hurtfulness.
Bend my righteous little swords into tools of

Let me stand before enemies with pure love,
prepared to break soil, to prune branches,
to do the hard work of growing peace.

For I will need stout tools to work this rough
land well,
to bring fruits of justice out of this rocky
to tend the muscular trees of mercy.
Steve Garnaas-Holmes